Is There Any Invisalign Side Effects?

Is There Any Invisalign Side Effects?
Patient wearing invisalign aligners
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The benefits of Invisalign treatment and the plaudits it has received demonstrates how far modern dentistry has come, with the treatment delivering on the promise of straightening teeth for a confident smile.

Although, it is common, like any form of dental treatment, to determine whether there are any Invisalign side effects. Patients always want a comprehensive picture of all kinds of treatment to be prepared. This is also the same for Invisalign.

Many people who opt for Invisalign over traditional braces have reported some side effects in the past. Let’s address these to provide you with an overall picture of Invisalign and to help you make the right decision.

Lady with invisalign aligners

Slight Discomfort

As you begin to fit the clear aligners in the mouth, you could experience slight discomfort in the lips and gums. This is likely to happen when the aligners settle in the mouth and for you to get used to them. The discomfort doesn’t last for a long time. The ‘attachments’, a bump that allows the aligner trays to move teeth in position, may also cause discomfort and a chance of developing an ulcer. Keep in mind, this will only happen as your mouth adjusts to them.

Speech Problems

During the first few days of wearing the aligners, you may experience lisp during speech. It is a common mild Invisalign side effect because your mouth needs to get accustomed to the aligners. It is recommended that you continue to speak as much as possible with the aligners fitted. The tongue can get used to the aligners and your speech patterns should eventually adjust.

Bad Breath

An issue with aligners is that it blocks the saliva penetrating in the mouth. Therefore, if you’ve eaten food and then place the aligners back in the mouth, you could experience bad breath. Luckily, this can be avoided by drinking water throughout the day (make sure you’re not wearing the aligners) and rinsing your mouth with water after eating and then placing the aligners back in. This helps to ensure that bacteria doesn’t get caught in the aligners and, subsequently caught on teeth as well.

Biting Point

During treatment, patients can bite the inside of their cheek. This is natural when your biting point adjusts as your teeth move into position. Your mouth needs to adjust to a new bite at some stage, so this is a natural occurrence and is a temporary Invisalign side effect.

Patient wearing invisalign aligners

It is important to address that these Invisalign side effects are temporary as your clear aligners adjust in place inside your mouth. Making the adjustment towards the aligners is the right thing to do. This means continuing to speak and moving your mouth to ensure the aligners become comfortable to wear.

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